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In early 2003, a group of seven individuals began exploring the possibility of creating an interactive entertainment software development company with a focus on quality, efficiency and service. They laid the foundation of what would become Black Lantern Studios, Inc.

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Explore the world of the Moshi Monsters, now in 3D!!!

Moshi Monsters is back, this time with even more wild adventures! Get collecting! In this new Moshi Monsters release you must round up 60 lost Moshlings throughout the Theme Park! Play fun-filled mini games to unlock special awards and achievements while searching for...

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Best Gaming Blogs Online

Best Gaming Blogs Online

Gaming just never stops evolving and in the last few decades the changes have been incredible. It’s not just about playing anyone, it’s a whole lifestyle. You can get just as much enjoyment from watching others, learning, discussing and being a part of a whole community with the same interests and tastes.

Live streaming services like youtube and twitch have made the gaming world very accessible. Popular gamers stream their gameplay and let us get a first hand look at how the best play. Blogs have also allowed us to learn more and access more information about the people and the games that we love.

There’s a gaming blog for practically every game and every topic. There are millions out there and thousands of great ones to choose from. With such a large range of scope there’s 100% something out there for everyone and something unique to follow.

Why are Gaming Blogs so great?

Nextgen Gaming Blog · Gaming Blogs WebdesignsGaming blogs are amazing for loads of reasons and each blog has it’s own unique characteristics, appeals and strengths. News and information is why a lot of people use blogs. You can get all the details of a new game, or just updates on the gaming world about who’s winning and who’s losing. These informative blogs let you get the inside scoop and collate a lot of the information so you don’t have to. This gives you the best insight into which new releases are best for you.

Other blogs exist to give you ongoing tips and reveal secrets of popular games. Some games are devilishly tricky so we have to resort to searching online for the secrets. These type of blogs give you all that you need to progress to the next level.

Gaming blogs keep the whole gaming community connected in one giant network. People are able to interact freely and share ideas through a public platform. We all get kept up to date on what’s going on and it gives more casual gamers instant access to all the latest news.

With more gamers than ever before the community is bigger than ever. This means more blogs to choose from so it’s important to know what to look for.

What to look for in a Gaming Blog

Now choosing a blog obviously comes down to personal preference but these days the internet is literally full of information on gaming. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for directly without searching around. Loads of gamers blog now because it gives them a closer relationship with the audience. Others do it to raise their profile or even make some money.

The best blogs are ones that host a variety of content and don’t get stuck on one idea. These then become your hug of information and can be your first port of call whenever you need information on anything in the gaming world.

Finding the right blog is of course a personal choice. There are now some pretty great blogs that actually host links to other topics and more specific niches. Sites like Gamer Wares are great for anyone who is new to gaming or for veterans as it boasts a wide range of content.

The best Gaming Blogs

You’ll never struggle to find a gaming blog and there are blogs to cover pretty much everything. With a bit of luck and googling you’ll hopefully find one you enjoy so much you want to keep coming back and seeing the new content.

For everything gaming check out

Gaming Routers for Christmas

Gaming Routers for Christmas

Routers are used to connect to the internet, pretty much everyone should know that by now, but if you’re into your gaming then you might want to take a bit longer to consider your router options. The right router can mean the difference between crushing your opponents and being stuck lagging behind (pardon the pun).

This is why gaming routers make the perfect gift. Anyone who loves to play games online will know the value of a good router. It makes gaming work and way more fun, and stops any issues in performance. It also let’s multiple people use the internet at once with no squabbling.

There’s a lot of manufacturers who claim they’ve created the ultimate gaming router and advertise it as such, but in reality you’ll find they aren’t all what they claim to be. Always remember that performance isn’t dictated by how they look and just because there are more antennae it doesn’t guarantee faster speeds. You need to look beyond the obvious and drill down to the facts to make sure you have the most appropriate router.

What to look for in a Gaming Router

Back of Netgear routerWhen choosing a router you’re looking for one thing and that is speed. A high speed router will let you load and play games quickly and reduce any disruption or lag. This speed needs to maintain consistency too because otherwise your connection can completely drop off and kick you from a game. This could mean losing the entire match for you and your squad.

As you look around the crowded marketplace you should keep an eye out for some important features. Number one is range. Internet is done wirelessly almost everywhere now and you’ll be connecting wirelessly. You’ll find that people are using the internet all over your home from opposite ends and you’ll need a router that can handle it.

Just as important as range is signal strength. You’ll need a router that can provide consistent performance across the home without any dips in speed.

Transmission Technology is important but slightly complicated. Basically you need a router that is up to date with the current trends and not too old. This kind of technology advances quickly and if you settle for an older model you’ll find you just have to spend the money to replace the router in the near future anyway.

Dual Band is definitely the way to go with your router. Dual band can be used to run multiple wireless networks. This lets you run one network for gaming and one for general browsing. This keeps speeds high even with multiple users.

Finding the right gaming router to be the perfect Christmas present can take some time, but by looking for these key features you can’t go far wrong. Always remember to set your budget and stick to it, there’s loads of bargains out there.

Gaming Routers for Christmas

Christmas is the time for gaming and relaxing. If you’re one of those people who struggles to find presents for people, or ends up falling back on old cliches then think again, a new router for you or your family will make everyone happy and the christmas period will be way more fun. It really is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys fast gaming.

Check out the best gaming routers in this review.

Black Ops 3 Emblem Guide

Black Ops 3 Emblem Guide

Black Ops has outperformed almost every other first person shooter and is one of the most popular games of all time. There are now 12 different installments in the franchise which has millions of players getting involved all round the world.

Black Ops 3 is the latest in the series and seems to have managed to top the performance of the last game. There is more gameplay with additional weapons and better developed storylines to keep it fresh and exciting.

Black Ops success has always been in their attention to detail. They have provided a number of additional features which for some are small but for a lot of us these small details are what we love. There are various customisation options in the game for your character and this will change how you’ll been seen in the world. One of the most noticeable is your emblem.

Black Ops 3 Emblems

BO3 Scorpion EmblemIn Black Ops one the best ways to distinguish yourself is with a unique and cool emblem. The emblem will be your insignia and can be seen next to your name as you play. It’s your call sign and it’s worth choosing a good one because it might become your symbol.

Black Ops 3 allows you to personalise your emblem once you reach a certain level in the game. To do so you’ll have to spend the in game currency, COD bucks. There are a load of standard templates to choose from but if you want to stand out you’ll need to think outside the box.

Black Ops 3 lets you create your own emblem using their emblem editor. They provide a whole host of tools you can use to make an emblem, in essence a paint shop built into the game. If you’re looking to make something basic then just go for it and you’ll find it quite simple to use.

However for a lot of us we have a cool emblem in mind but we definitely won’t be able to make it ourselves. There’s no need to give up though because those people who enjoy Black Ops and are talented artists have shared their skills for everyone’s benefit.

Specialised tutorials have been created to show you everything you need to create your favourite artwork in the editor. These are normally done through short video guides but sometimes still images are used. They each break down the process into step by step instructions of how to create the desired image. You’d be surprised at the range of choice out there.

Popular Black Ops Emblems

A lot of people who play Black Ops are no strangers to reddit and like all the classic old school style emblems. The Fallout 4 logo is a popular one but there’s also a surprising number of pokemon and star wars artwork available.

Other popular emblems are often superheroes like ironman or Spider man, or even classic family guy or south park characters.

So if you’re looking to stand out and avoid the typical skull icon then check out the full list of Black Ops 3 emblems

Bring on the Black!

In early 2003, a group of seven individuals began exploring the possibility of creating an interactive entertainment software development company with a focus on quality, efficiency and service. They laid the foundation of what would become Black Lantern Studios, Inc. 

Explore the world of the Moshi Monsters, now in 3D!!!

Explore the world of the Moshi Monsters, now in 3D!!!

Moshi Monsters is back, this time with even more wild adventures!

Get collecting! In this new Moshi Monsters release you must round up 60 lost Moshlings throughout the Theme Park! Play fun-filled mini games to unlock special awards and achievements while searching for more Ultra-Rare Moshlings. Experience the monster-ific rides in the park and hit all the high scores as you guide your monster through the park to get home safe – and have some fun along the way! Trade your monster rewards with your friends via Streepass and find even more hidden Moshlings.Bring the theme park back to its former glory by helping your moshlings rebuild the theme park! Progress through the game through unlocking six different zones by building up the theme park’s rides and attractions while rescuing the scattered about Moshlings and getting them back home to your care! The Moshlings need your help, get them home and restore their theme park to its previous greatness before they are lost for good. Play in 2D or experience a whole new dimension of Moshlings in 3D on Nintendo DS and 3DS systems.

Surround yourself with  the many fun and funky characters in the world of “Moshi MOnsters”!

Surround yourself with the many fun and funky characters in the world of “Moshi MOnsters”!

The world’s fastest growing online game for children is now on the shelves as a video game for Nintendo DS!

Join this number one seller’s network of 50 million players across 150 countries worldwide! Find ‘em and Keep ‘em! Explore the Wooly Wilderness searching for your very own Ultra Rare Moshlings to add to your Zoo! Check out all the new locations of the Moshi world in exclusive Moshi Monsters mini-games that help boost the level, mood, health, and happiness of the monsters in your Zoo! Unlock the Ultra-Rare Moshlings for new achievements, trophies, and Super-Secret items unlocked exclusively at Find your Moshlings and Ultra-Rare monsters in new areas of Monstro City including Buster’s Baby Care, the Gloramatorium, Raaghley’s Staracracade and much more! With 52 Moshi Monsters to collect in this game alone, all ranging from Common to Super-Rare, pick up your copy and get hunting today!

Make a Splash with “Bubble Guppies” for Nintendo DS!

Make a Splash with “Bubble Guppies” for Nintendo DS!

Join Molly, Gil, Deema, Nonny, Oona, Goby on a Swim-Sational extravaganza!

Team up woth your favorite characters and the energetic Bubble Puppy to explore the farm and the city, play hide-and-seek with your Bubble Puppy and answer questions from Mr. Grouper and all your exciting fish friends! With Prechool to Kindergarten topics including number recognition with Subway stops, patter completion when planting veggies, shape and color identification at the Racetrack, and matching while feeding your farm animals, this kid-tested Nickelodeon games will have you diving head first into the number one new preschool series and making a splash with all your favorite characters and over 20 interactive games! Learn about Math, Science, Literacy and much more in this “fin-tastic” underwater classroom by picking up your Bubble Guppies pals today!

Don’t be crabby, pick up your “Xia-Xia copy today!

Don’t be crabby, pick up your “Xia-Xia copy today!

From sandy beaches to the deep blue sea, the Xia-Xia friends need your help!

Explore the nautical worlds of the Xia-Xia with your favorite hermit crab characters. Explore the worlds to find your wild and kooky Xia-Xia friends that have gone missing! With dozens of missions to find the 60 missing friends throughout the game, your Xia-Xia pals Bimini, Turks, Trinidad, and Tobago will help you find your missing buddies as well as the over 30 collectible shells along the way! Unlock tons of secret rewards in 5 unique worlds with your hermit crab compatriots, and defeat the 25 challenging and exciting levels!

Like “Angry Birds”? You won’t want to miss this game for your Nintendo DS!

Like “Angry Birds”? You won’t want to miss this game for your Nintendo DS!

Welcome to the mysterious and mystical world of the Gogo’s, where every character is unique!

Experience this “Angry Birds” style game with your favorite Gogo Crazy Bones. Catapult your characters through challenging puzzles throughout this 2D world and choose from up to 30 unique Gogos, each with color-coated abilities and unique attributes to help you get through the game. With up to 5 Gogos at a time, players will visit some of their favorite hot-spots and play a variety of game types with your Gogo friends. With 5 visually unique worlds and 25 wild and exciting levels, awards and collectibles await you at every corner! With so much to do, you’ll keep coming back for more fun with your favorite Gogos!

What’s better than a Zhu Zhu Pet?

What’s better than a Zhu Zhu Pet?

That’s right, a Zhu Zhu Baby!!!

New for Nintendo DS this addition to the Zhu Zhu lineup is our cutest yet!

You and your new Zhu Zhu Baby travel across 35 destinations through airports, bus stations, and many tourism hot-spots to get your baby back home. Like the previous games, you can feed, water, and care for your Zhu Zhu pets back home after a long day of fun-filled excitement!

Follow the twists and turns of your various exciting challenges to get home where you can nurture and play with all 10 various Zhu Zhu Babies; each with their very own sweet personality!

Zhu Zhu Babies is the perfect addition to your family game collection, not to mention a new pet without all the clean-up! Who couldn’t fall in love with Zhu Zhu Babies?!