In early 2003, a group of seven individuals began exploring the possibility of creating an interactive entertainment software development company with a focus on quality, efficiency and service. They laid the foundation of what would become Black Lantern Studios, Inc.

The company has been privately funded and employee owned since the beginning. With every employee also being an owner, Black Lantern Studios is in a unique position to share its success with the same people who have taken the risk with the organization. Black Lantern continues to strive to be a great place to work, find great partners to work with, and constantly deliver great games.

Black Lantern Studios, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality, most satisfying, and richest gaming experience to its customers, delivering value to its publishers and partners, and maintaining a team-centered environment to foster creativity and individual responsibility. Since our inception in 2003, Black Lantern Studios has focused on developing tools, technologies and practices to ensure it is able to meet and surpass its goals of quality and value.

To meet the gaming market’s ever increasing demand, Black Lantern split into three companies in 2008. Born in the heart of Springfield, MO, the split led to expansion into Austin, TX and St. Louis, MO as well. These three companies share the same mission and values while exploring all aspects of the gaming world from creating original games to website gaming and development.

Black Lantern Studios, Seamless Entertainment, and Graphite Lab strive for excellence in any project we encounter. Our current platforms include Nintendo DS, DSi, 3DS, Wii, PC, XBox 360, Website Development, iOS, Android, and PS3 to provide our clients and players with the most contemporary and exciting gaming experience on the market.