Best Motherboard for AMD Chipsets

Technology is advancing so quickly it’s becoming impossible to keep up. That’s the case across the board but it’s perhaps more pronounced in the world of computers. We’re seeing faster development of components than ever before making state of the art models obsolete in a matter of months. This unprecedented progress means you really need to keep your eye on the ball to keep up.

z10 motherboardGamers, and everyone interested in gaming, have experienced this first hand and are often the first to know about new technology springing up. These people stay alert of the trends so that they can be sure they have the maximum level of performance from their machines. This is often because gamers build their own PCs and have learned first hand what these different components can do to boost their experience.

Building your PC is not a new idea but it is more popular than ever before. There are a few reasons for this but the most important is almost certainly cost. Top of the line computers are really expensive, especially if you go to a reputable brand, and with the markup you’re spending a lot of money. Often a more affordable option is to source the parts yourself and then put them together in your own home meaning you pay much less overall.

Versatility is of course another key reason. If you want a truly functional unit that you can get the most from then building your own is key. Only you know exactly what you want to get from your machine and you can customize what’s under the hood to meet those specifications.

Of course performance is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Everyone wants a PC that will perform even if it’s under strain. Gamers in particular know that they need a unit they can rely upon. There is no worse feeling than LAG or disconnecting so you want a PC that can take the strain. Building your own puts you in the driving seat from the word go.

In order to ensure you get all of these from your custom built PC you need to make sure you build it right. This starts with the right parts.

Motherboards and Chipsets

Let’s start with motherboards first. Motherboards are printed circuit boards you’ll find in every computer with a bunch of connectors on them. They’re usually green and in movies you’ll often see them if the main character is taking apart a PC. Motherboards are a crucial part of a PC because they allow communication between devices.

Motherboards have various number of slots on them and it’s with these that you can plug other devices and all the components necessary to let the PC run. It’s with the motherboard that the power supply to all of these components is controlled, and they also control the flow of data. It’s for this reason that motherboards are essential bits of kit to get right and many people who are building PCs start with the motherboard and build outwards.

Chipsets are a collection of integrated circuits which function together as one unit. They bring together the power and functionality of multiple chips which used to sit separately. Why are they relevant to motherboards? Well motherboards used to have separate chips scattered all over the place and this was fairly inefficient. It meant that communication had to go through the motherboard in order to pass between the chips, which in turn communicated to the components.

Chipsets were introduced to simplify this process and now they act as the communications center for your motherboard and they control the flow of data. Because of the key nature of these chipsets they dictate what components are compatible with your motherboard and they will have an impact on any future expansion.

An AMD chipset is designed to boost performance and unleash your PCs best performance. There are a whole range of AMD chipsets but they are generally regarded as some of the highest performing out there and perfect for gaming.

 The Best Motherboards for Gaming

So what difference does a motherboard make for gaming? Well the right motherboard allows for the highest level of performance. Your motherboard is where all your key components will communicate and for seamless gaming you’ll need to ensure that these components have access to the storage they need. This will limit any disruptions while you’re playing.

The motherboard will determine not just how your PC functions now but how you can improve it later. As games improve you have to constantly update your machine so it can handle the strain that these massive and high graphic games have upon your PC. Motherboards will enable you to upgrade and add more components, assuming you have the slots for expansion.

So what makes a good motherboard? Well when it comes to gaming you’ll need to consider form. This is the shape and size of the motherboard. This determines how many components can be used with the motherboard and how much expansion can be done.

Secondly you’ll need to consider compatibility. If you’ve spent big money on some fancy components then you need to make sure they can work together and work with your motherboard. This is often where your chipsets come in and where you really want something like an AMD chipset. In order to get the most from this chipset you’ll need to find a top performing motherboard that is compatible.

X99 Motherboards

X99 motherboards have been created by Intel to allow for the highest level of performance. These motherboards are not just top of the line, but they are designed to work with the best processors. This means that you’ll be able to get the absolute most from your PC.

Check out the best X99 motherboard for gaming.

X99 motherboards are great value for money. They’re affordable with a long lifespan making them accessible for everyone.

Motherboards are important, especially for gamers, so If you’re looking for a solid motherboard that is high performing then the X99 motherboard is definitely one to consider.

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