gogo crazy bones

Like “Angry Birds”? You won’t want to miss this game for your Nintendo DS!

Welcome to the mysterious and mystical world of the Gogo’s, where every character is unique!

Experience this “Angry Birds” style game with your favorite Gogo Crazy Bones. Catapult your characters through challenging puzzles throughout this 2D world and choose from up to 30 unique Gogos, each with color-coated abilities and unique attributes to help you get through the game. With up to 5 Gogos at a time, players will visit some of their favorite hot-spots and play a variety of game types with your Gogo friends. With 5 visually unique worlds and 25 wild and exciting levels, awards and collectibles await you at every corner! With so much to do, you’ll keep coming back for more fun with your favorite Gogos!

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