zhu zhu pets babies

What’s better than a Zhu Zhu Pet?

That’s right, a Zhu Zhu Baby!!!

New for Nintendo DS this addition to the Zhu Zhu lineup is our cutest yet!

You and your new Zhu Zhu Baby travel across 35 destinations through airports, bus stations, and many tourism hot-spots to get your baby back home. Like the previous games, you can feed, water, and care for your Zhu Zhu pets back home after a long day of fun-filled excitement!

Follow the twists and turns of your various exciting challenges to get home where you can nurture and play with all 10 various Zhu Zhu Babies; each with their very own sweet personality!

Zhu Zhu Babies is the perfect addition to your family game collection, not to mention a new pet without all the clean-up! Who couldn’t fall in love with Zhu Zhu Babies?!

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